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    About us


    Been founded in 1834, nowadays Mozyr City Hospital is the biggest regional multidisciplinary centre, which is responsible for the healthcare of people living in Mozyr, Mozyr and 6 other areas of Gomel region, placed on contaminated from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion territory, providing primary, secondary and acute services. There are 20 departments, modern diagnostic equipment.

    Specialized physicians perform the wide range of standard endoscopic investigations and therapeutic interventions.

    In addition to standard laparoscopic and  conventional operative procedures, our trained surgical team routinely performs complex surgical interventions adapted for specific illnesses as well as multivisceral resection procedures.

    Specialists in gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology  and interventional endoscopy  have a great deal of experience in the most common examination methods as well as in the sophisticated treatment of various diseases.

    Experienced radiologists perform diagnostic procedures using the most modern, cutting-edge technologies.
    Regional emergency healthcare centre is also based in Mozyr City Hospital.
    The main principles is availability of specialized healthcare, but also an improvement of quality of care, using high tech methods of diagnosis and treatment; high moral standards, based on ethics and deontology, and professional  care for the population.
    The staff of Mozyr City Hospital has a great  experience in delivering high quality care for their patients.
    Annually  in-patient  departments for 725 beds are treating  more than  22,000 patients and performing  more than 6,000 various surgical interventions  each year.