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    About your stay in the hospital

    Patient rooms

    The rooms for international patients in Mozyr City Hospital are modern and pleasant single and double rooms. Individual accommodation requirements (single room) will be considered as far as possible by agreement with the treating department.

    In exceptional cases we can arrange to accomodate an escort in the patient room. The costs of this will be included in the total bill.

    Diet and menu

    Our patients and escorts, who are accommodated in a patient room, have the choice of menus every day. If your state of health necessitates a special diet or if you have individual needs or customs, we would be pleased to take them into consideration. Please inform the nursing staff of your wishes at the beginning of your treatment.


    Television programs in the patient rooms and lounges are broadcast in Russian language


    The hospital cafeterias have newspapers in Russian.

    Religious Practice

    Christian services are held regularly in the churches of Mozyr. It is possible to order the service of the priest in the hospital (Orthodox, Catholic, Jew)

    After treatment

    At the end of your treatment the doctor in charge of your case will compile a detailed medical report in  English language. This will contain information about the treatment received as well as recommendations for further medical care.