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    Treatment enquiry and appointment

    Please send your treatment inquiries to us via the contact form. Please note that we cannot deal with your inquiry unless you provide us with the form completed in English, or Russian.

    We require copies of the following medical documents to enable us to provide treatment offers and the cost estimate:

    • Mandatory: latest medical report(not older than 3 months; hematology cases: not older than 1 month)
    • Imaging technique results
    • Laboratory results

    The medical documents have to be:

    • in English or Russian,
    • up-to-date(not older than 3 months; hematology cases: not older than 3 weeks)
    • informative(for example: current status of the patient, last treatment, principal diagnosis and further conditions) and
    • essential– please understand that we cannot handle too extensive documents.

    Note: At your request, we can carry out all the necessary examinations at our institution, but it should be noted that this will be included in the total cost of treatment.

    Duration of processing

    We normally require about five working days to provide a treatment offer and the cost estimate. Please note, that if you use our contact form to upload your data we will have immediate access and can process your inquiry as fast as possible (no mailing delays).


    We will do our best to arrange an appointment on a date that is convenient for you. Please indicate desired dates. We do not have lengthy waiting times as a rule. Please note that we are unable to confirm an appointment until the amount stated on the cost estimate has been paid.

    Cost Estimate

    The medical documents that are submitted or the information about the disease will initially be reviewed by an experienced expert in the respective specialist area. A list of the anticipated costs of treatment will be prepared on the basis of the treatment recommendations. This is a provisional calculation, which is based on the medical examination results that are provided and it may differ from the actual costs.

    If desired, we will send you a provisional appointment for treatment together with the treatment recommendations and the cost estimate. We will confirm this appointment upon receipt of the payment.

    Payment Options

    After you decided in favor of a medical treatment at Mozyr City Hospital, we will ask you to transfer the total amount stated in the cost estimate to the account indicated for Mozyr City Hospital.

    Final bill

    We will ascertain the costs of the services actually provided about four to six weeks after the end of the treatment. If they are less than the advance payment, we will reimburse the balance immediately. The final bill may necessitate making an additional payment in some cases, particularly if complications arise.